Thursday, 9 June 2016


Bulan Membaca MAIS 2016 telah kembali lagi. Program ini merupakan program tahunan perpustakaan yang berlangsung selama 3 bulan (1 Jun 2016 - 30 Ogos 2016). Segala aktiviti bulan membaca ini terbuka kepada semua. Datang dan meriahkan "Program Bulan Membaca MAIS 2016" ini. Sila datang bersama keluarga dan anak-anak. Mereka pasti teruja dengan segala aktiviti dan pertandingan yang dijalankan. Hadiah menarik menanti anda.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


By Azmi Ab Rahman and Mohd Nizam Yunus
(Faculty of Information Management, UiTM)

Perpustakaan Wakaf is a special library situated at Wisma MAIS, Seksyen 3, Shah Alam, Selangor. Managed by our alumni, this special library is being supported by another three staff. The best thing about Perpustakaan Wakaf is that it is among the special library opens its door not only to their own staff but also to the public. Not only muslim patronize the library but non-muslims are also welcomed. In fact according to Perpustakaan Wakaf’s manager, Mr. Mohd Hafiz Bin Abdul Salam, the concept of Islam for all is being adapted by the library where their patrons are not only muslims but non-muslims as well. There are also non-muslims who registered themselves as library official member.

MAIS or Majlis Agama Islam Selangor has the responsibility to build the social and economic status of Muslims in Selangor. Perpustakaan Wakaf has the ability to support the mission by having objectives such as:-

·  Collecting and preserving information materials regarding Zakat, Wakaf and Harta Baitulmal

·    Providing information, facilities and ICT equipment to MAIS and its subsidiaries for the purpose of research, learning and information dissemination.

·   As an Islamic resource center and to support MAIS mission in creating an educated muslims who believes and practices Islam.

Perpustakaan Wakaf role is to provide a learning atmosphere while giving a comprehensive library services to their patrons. It also encourages their patrons to use their materials and resources which had been collected according to the user needs. Access of materials can be done internally or external.

Besides providing patrons with their library services, Perpustakaan Wakaf has its own computer lab called Cyber@MAIS where patrons can use the computers to search for information from the internet. There are 10 computers with 8gb RAM and i5 processor connected to 5mbps Unifi to ensure maximum speed for the convenience of the user.

Another service is their reference desk service where besides providing patrons with library assistance information regarding MAIS services such as Islamic will, hibah, luqatah, al-Riqab and muallaf.

WEB OPAC is another services offered by Perpustakaan Wakaf. The public can access the web opac through Among the services offered through WEB OPAC is search of collection, divided into three categories which is monograph, media and articles. Only a few special libraries open their OPAC system to outsiders and Perpustakaan Wakaf is one of them.

The library also maintains a blog hosted at and according to Hafiz, it is intended to share general knowledge on Islam such as Zakat, Baitulmal and wakaf to the general public. Library activities are also shared in this blog.

Among the award and recognition received by Perpustakaan Wakaf is ISO 9001:2008 from SIRIM and 5S from NPC, Best MAIS Department Award and also recognized by Selangor State Library.

Library collection covers printed and electronic materials covering wide range of subject area. Approximately 70 percent of their collections are in the field of Islamic Study while the other 30 percent comprise of other subject area.

Types of collection available in Perpustakaan Wakaf are:-

·  Special collection: Among the collection are conference papers and dissertation regarding Islamic topic.

·    General collection: Books that can be borrowed, covering wide range of subjects such as Islamic Religion, Science and Technology, Children, History and many more.

·   Digital collection: Selected articles from selected magazines that were digitized by Perpustakaan Wakaf such as Dewan Masyarakat, Al-Islam, Solusi and many more.

·   Reference collection:  Encyclopedia, dictionaries and bound materials. (For reference only)

·   Children collection: Among the topics covered in this collection are Science, Moral and Jawi writings.

·  Serials collection: 18 Current subscribed magazines among them are magazines published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Solusi, Pa and Ma, Majalah PC and Perajurit.

·   Multimedia Collection:  There are more than 200 Multimedia CD regarding Islam and other educational topic. Multimedia collection can only be used with the computers provided in Perpustakaan Wakaf. Some of the topic of interest are CD that contains pictures of MAIS activities, multimedia CD regarding Islamic Education for children and also Islamic motivational CD.


Perpustakaan Wakaf organizes many interesting activities throughout the year. Among them is Program Bulan Membaca MAIS or Reading program and Wakaf Buku. Wakaf Buku is a program where the public can donate books whether it is new or used. According to Hafiz, many books are being donated by the public every week. Some are being kept at Perpustakaan Wakaf and some are being given to external organization such as hospitals, orphanage and many more charity organizations. Among the organization that had received books from Perpustakaan Wakaf is Serdang Hospital, orphanage in Kuang and Baitul Ehsan women’s shelter in Sabak Bernam. 

Many activities are being held during MAIS reading month  such as book review competition, the most book borrower, photography and many more with attractive monetary prized given to the winner.

Perpustakaan Wakaf also gives a library coupon for its members where each book that was borrowed will be given one stamp and when the stamp reached twelve, they will be given a mystery gift. This idea is being done to stimulate members to borrow books.

Another effort for Perpustakaan Wakaf to reach their patrons is a program which Hafiz calls, Le Tour de MAIS. This program is where books are being brought to each department and unit in MAIS headquarters one a weeks, which is located two kilometers from Perpustakaan Wakaf. Emails are circulated within the department two days before Le Tour de MAIS and any staff can also request to borrow a book from the library and those books will be delivered to their office. Perpustakaan Wakaf initiated this program for MAIS staffs to encourage them to read as it is quite difficult for the staffs to visit the library because it is not located at the MAIS headquarters.  

Perpustakaan Wakaf is a unique special library. Besides catering library services to their patrons, they also hold book donation programs under the Wakaf Buku. This is one of the main strength in Perpustakaan Wakaf and while their disadvantage is that they are not located at MAIS headquarters, outreach programs initiated by Hafiz such as Le Tour de MAIS can always bring the library neared to their staff. With high speed internet and good collections especially in Islamic matters such Zakat, Wakaf and Baitulmal,  Perpustakaan Wakaf can easily attract the public to visit the library.  

Hafiz who graduated in the field of records management from Faculty of Information Management, UiTM and had worked previously for four years as Conservator at the museum of Islamic art, uses his skills and experience so that the library collection is well preserved from any damage, danger and harm and thus ensuring the long term availability of their collections to patrons.